you'll feel better in the morning

Jag blev utmanad av Norah för nåt tag sen, så det är väl bäst jag tar tag i det där. På engelska också. MMNGH.

Which internet-page is your favourite? Anyone who knows me would guess it's Facebook, but it's actually either Google or Wikipedia, I wouldn't make it through my days without them.

Which page do you hate the most?,, Not cool. At all.

What do you normally write on your Facebook/Twitter? Something very clever and funny. Always with perfect grammar (I check it like, 15 times before I post it) and with a personal touch! Ehehehe. Juuuuust kidding.

What do you normally watch on YouTube? Family Guy, Disney songs and music videos of course

Do you have a/any favourite blog/blog’s?

How often do you sit by your computer? A couple of hours each day.

Do you feel like you have a problem with your computer? No.

How many percent of your Facebook friends do you really know? That depends on the definition of knowing someone. I would say I know who all of my friends are and that I have spoken with about 85-90%. On the other hand, I would only call about 10-15% of them my real friends. Or, wait a minute. That means I have about 40 close friends. Which I don't. Maybe 2% or something like it. Anyhow, you get the picture.

How do you feel about Google? How I feel about Google?! How would I feel without Google, I wouldn't feel at all, is how I would feel!

Which three bloggers do you challenge to make this test? No one. Anyone!


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